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26 July 2010 @ 12:05 am
Hey Professor, if you pause our movie here you see the dust spells SEX, and also you have a boner!  
Today I went on an epic adventure to Target to get scrapbook stuff for Japan and then to suspicious's house where we watched Daria and the Professor Layton movie oooomg. It was pretty fun!

Then my aunt and uncle came over again this evening and I retreated upstairs because I haven't been super energetic this weekend, and my aunt wanted me to teach her how to use Facebook (note to self: delete all family from friends list) and then the RA from Seminar House 3, Hiroshi, who I taught how to properly use "fucking" and now excitedly overuses it, was on Skype so he asked me about insurance stuff, and I couldn't really understand him and my brain was just not doing the whole Japanese thing and I was really frustrated with myself and the fact that I'm forgetting stuff, I hate this feeling, but even worse, there's nothing I can do about it because it's summer vacation, so I just gotta suck it up and hang in there the best I can. Hiroshi is a hilarious person so he made me feel better, and we talked about what Japanese classrooms are like. I forgot how fabulous his English is, makes me feel like someday, maybe even I can...

Anywho this week is 8-6 all week so I'm gonna go kill myself, brb.

Also note to self: must get icons of Aiba :D face, TegoMasu together, Masuda :D face, inspirational Yankumi pic, better icons of Mizushima Hiro & Oguri Shun and get a sexy one of Kuroki Meisa, also finish watching Crows Zero

Day 13: A J-Pop group you dislike and why

AKB48, sorry guys
There's 48478935870 frigging girls whose sole purpose is to make otaku old men stare wistfully at flapping school uniform skirts. Everything I dislike about them stems from the fact that there's too many of them, so you don't get to learn their personalities or even tell their faces apart. They don't get solos in their songs so there is nothing to distinguish one dyed-brown-hair girl from another, and they have this thing with ponytails and simple dances and SO much perkiness you wanna puke.

It's nothing personal though, so if you happen to be a fan, sorry.

Day 14: A J-Pop song that makes you smile

Whenever something upsetting would happen, like, someone mentioning the fact that we had to eventually leave Japan, we'd always start singing this song:

Even now when I'm feeling angry or upset I just tell myself in that forceful, Gokusen-empowered voice NOOO MOOORE CRYYYY and I have to smile even a little bit. Try it, Engrish works.

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