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奇跡を信じてみたいんだ; i want to try to believe in miracles

一生で一度のワープをここで使うよ; i'll use my once-in-a-lifetime warp here

8 September
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have you ever been alone in a crowded room
21 years old. Female. Brown hair. Glasses. Japanese and history major. The comic relief.

so read your books but stay out late some nights
Addictions include chocolate, dinosaur comics, manga, dolling/pixel art, Japanese dramas, baked lays, video games, reading books, Stevie Nicks, the Patriots, the Red Sox, writing fiction, bagels, languages, comedy, jmusic, kpop. Journal is fangirling + life stuff. I friend easily, if you're a real person. That's the only reason it's friends only.

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